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M26G2 Rose-red temptation Silicon Mask:

The pure and innocent rose-red color is charming and pretty but not giddy, making people fall into a invisible trap.

The rich wild feminine charm, glamorous and flamboyant but not vulgar, makes everyone fall in love with her.


As a Western girl with captivating, enigmatic eyes, she exudes sweetness, sophistication, and a captivating allure. She seems destined for the spotlight, effortlessly shining in the limelight.

The Western face, with its prominent bone structure, appears more three-dimensional. “M26 Series” are compatible and suitable for men with wide and large faces, making it suitable for most European and American men.


Mask Features:

  • All the upgrade points of M26 compared to other female mask series:
  • Reconstruct the texture of the face to restore every inch of real skin detail. Re-improved makeup protection coating, so that the surface is no longer reflective and shiny in the sunlight, making it more natural to go out.
  • The shape and the softness of the breast are optimized again, making your breast look more natural and authentic.
  • We use AI big data assistance to improve ergonomic performance, so you can wear it more comfortable, while discomfort in the actual test will be delayed by 25%. (Discomfort is only a reference value, so the feeling varies between people.)
  • The design of the lip structure has been upgraded to achieve a three-dimensional wrap in all directions, allowing the mouth to move freely without the aid of special glue.


  • M26+ Doris Make-up Plus+ Series
  • M26M Doris Make-up Series
  • M26M+ Doris Make-up Plus+ Series
  • M26G Doris - Office Lady Make-up Series
  • M26G2 Doris - Rose-red temptation Make-up Series
  • M26G2+ Doris - Rose-red temptation Make-up Plus+ Series


Makeup Features: 

  • Overall Makeup Effect - the perfect combination of natural blush and pink effect makes facial features more seductive and elegant.
  • Fit - smooth, shimmering and shiny. Highlights are applied to high points such as the bridge of the nose and forehead to exude a charming and mysterious radiance.
  • Eyes - the eyeshadow with rose-red color is smudged in the folds of the eyes, like rubies sinking into the bottom of the lake, showing a unique appeal and mystery.
  • Lip - the dark red lip gloss outlines the M shape of sexy lips, like a plump cherry that makes people want to taste it.


  • The Plus+ Series of the face shows delicate and realistic by adding spots and pigments. The handmade bushy eyebrows are even more restored beauty.
  • Utilizing a softer platinum silicone material, this PLUS+ Series of the mask can slightly mimic expressions like a smile to reflect your emotions.


Two Style are now available: Full head, Full head with E cup breast.

Two Size are now available: L/XL

Check dimensions carefully for fit before ordering.



Simple and fast to wear, for a quick transformation without needing any adhesive.

pictures are for documentation purposes.

Each mask is handmade by our craftsmen: little differences in coloring or eyebrows are possible and make your product unique.


Check Gallery page for more model photos.

M26G2 Doris - Rose-red temptation Silicon Mask Goddess Special Make-up Series