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Dreammask Studio(DMS)was set up by several who fetish Mask and Zentai in 2014. The company name is Yunfu DMS Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The company's philosophy is from the player's point of view, to understand the needs of the players and focus on serving the players to create a "Fetish Culture" platform, and create a valuable interesting life for fetish groups. We hope every fetish lover can achieve their dream on this platform.

The products we are developing now include Siliconemask /Resin Mask Products, Crossdressing Silicone Assist Products, Silicone Fun Products, Zentai, Latex Clothing, and other subculture-related products. We have a few brands which are Dreammask, HIDOLLS, Zentai Dreamer, and Rubber Bunny.

We continue to expand and cooperate with more fetish brands in the future.

At the same time, we are trying our best to create an exclusive communication platform for fetish lovers to make more people enjoy communication, have fun, and release inside their hearts.

We will develop more types of fetish products, and create more high-quality and interesting products and events in the future.

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