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  • New technology, to restore real skin


    Product features:

  • Long size doesn’t have blemishes, just like real skin.
  • Show off your hot waist, and it is non-reflective and non-greasy.
  • Multiple cup options:
  • Easily adapts to different scenarios and body shapes to meet diverse needs.



Tips: Please make sure the body measurement is near to the picture. If there is not too much difference.

The above dimensions are measured manually and may have an error of size ±2cm and weight ±100g. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.


This product is not supported by a return service.

Please make sure your data is within the picture data.

The model picture that you see does not include a wig and clothes.


Material: Safe and harmless human body silicone

Thickness: 1.55mm

Weight: 2.9-3.6kg

Product extensibility: ★★★★

Tear resistance: ★★★


Applicable scene:

Cosplay: This is the only step away from restoration. Outdoor: Natural and authentic, easy and stress-free travel. Live streaming: Show off your own excitement. Latex outfit: At this moment, the light focuses on me. Zentai matching: Enjoy perfect body curves. Summer swimwear: Real and flawless, wear whatever you want.


Technical details:

Seamless stitching technology eliminates all flaws and shows your perfect self. The gradual thinning process reduces the abrupt edges and maximizes wearing comfort.


Detailed features:

The skin texture is refined and pore spots are clearly visible. The clavicle is refined, and the three-dimensional lines are sexier. Fits Asian skin tones and rejects color differences. Long teardrop bust shape, soft and elastic to the touch. The short hem is designed for a curved fit for a more comfortable fit. Ultra-high stretchability, adaptable to body shape, not easily deformed, and easy to wear. Gel-filled, more realistic shaking. Sexy navel with long style shows off alluring details. Real-life breast shape research and development, depicting sexy S-curve.

B15 Smooth Skin Breast with Neck [Long]

$375.00 Regular Price
$337.50Sale Price
Skin Color: Asian