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The M25 Abigale based on oriental facial features has been optimized by a makeup artist, turning every inch of skin into a sexy Occident goddess.
Would you be heartbeat by her?


We combine user feedback to provide better comfort and wrapping, which not only reduces the use of forehead pads, but also solves the problem of eye pressure, making it more comfortable and easy to become a beauty.

Thousands of people and thousands of faces, everything about her changes because of you, waiting for you to experience it.


  • M25+ Abigale Normal Plus+ Series:The young and energetic M25 Abigale is everyone yearns for. With her rosy skin and concave and convex facial features, she can restore the most beautiful appearance in your heart without too much make up. She can be a mature lady with innocence, or she can be a pure and lovely girl.
  • M25M Abigale Make-up Series: The silver-gray eye color and the eyeliner on the top will make your eyes blur with seductive attraction. Also, with bright red and glamorous M-shaped lip makeup