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White Marble High Simulation Silicon Gloves

  • The real-life model-returning technology preserves rich human skin details, and palm prints, fingerprints, muscle blood vessels, etc. are clearly visible
  • In order to pursue the reddish texture in the white of the nails, the mixed toning process is used, just to present the real effect.
  • Combined with ergonomics, the thickness of every inch of finger silicone is rigorous and elegant, and the comfort and three-dimensional sense complement each other.
  • High-end platinum human body silicone, safe and non-toxic, soft texture, and strong stretchability.
  • Thin and light, ten fingers move freely, easily covering scars, veins, and hairs on the hands, showing perfect hands, taking selfies, games, and live broadcasts no longer embarrassing for hands.


Material Properties

This product uses food grade platinum silica gel
Environmental protection and safety, non-toxic and harmless, 
high temperature and low temperature resistance.
Good softness, not easy to deform and turn yellow, long service life.


Cautions For Use Storage and Maintenance

Cautions for storage and maintenance 
of this product:


  • Don't touch with oil stains, strong alkaline substances and sharp objects. Don't press or fold the product when storing. In case of oil leakage, wipe it with talcum powder and wet paper towel. It can be basically removed by wiping it once.
  • Pay attention to trim your nails before putting them on to avoid piercing the gloves if your nails are too long.Try not to violently pull it when wearing it. Use talcum powder to spread evenly on the arm before wearing it.


Cleaning ways:

  • Wipe stains off with wet paper towel after wearing. It is better not to wash and clean frequently. Do not use alkaline detergent. Clean with clean water and body shower gel if large area cleaning is required. 
  • Attention: Do not rub the product face with rough objects.


Return and Exchange Instructions and Notes

  • Once sold. Product Return or Replacement Is Not Acceptable Without Quality Problem of The Personal Items.
  • Please use a leather tape to measure the size of your hand, compare it clearly, confirm the size before placing an order, the size is not suitable or any personal preference does not match your thoughts and will not accept returns.

H02 White Marble High Simulation Silicon Gloves

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