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M23 Fantasy Desire Mask separate head design doesn't have a neck.

  • Zipper and laced back are available and fit on different head circumferences.
  • The mask has a realistic full lip, forced to open the mouth, and a new design rubber tongue.
  • When you put a fake tongue on your own, you can make some sexy tongue movements.


M23 Fantasy Desire Mask Regular Version: She is revealed evil charm in her eyes and always attacking your heartstrings. Mouth slightly upturned, tongue moving means she is ready to enjoy her prey. And you are her prey!


  • Two types are now available: Laced back and Zipper.
  • Two Size are now available: S size and L size.
  • Multiple structures are now available: Open mouth, Tongue sheath, Mouth Gag and Lengthened Mouth Gag.
  • It has a little hole in the eyes that you can see through outside.

See the gallery for comparison photos.


Simple and fast to wear, for a quick transformation without needing any adhesive.

Pictures are for documentation purposes.

Each mask is handmade by our makeup designer, a little difference in coloring or eyebrows is possible. This Kig mask makes you unique.


Check the Gallery page for more model photos.

M23 Fantasy Desire Mask Regular Version

$706.00 Regular Price
$635.40Sale Price