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  • functional cheongsam Length and sleeves are detachable.
  • Both the upper chest and front chest can be removed.
  • How sexy it appears depends on how you wear it.



1. Detachable parts of the clothing include: upper chest, front chest, sleeves, lower portion. The zipper at the hip can be adjusted for height.

2. The main fabric is elastic glossy leather, with embroidery made of polyester-cotton blend (non-elastic).

3. The elasticity of the all-black style is greater than that of the red-black style.

4. There is a waist-cinching design at the back, providing a waist-shaping effect.


Clothing Instructions:

  • Regarding cleaning, hand washing is recommended.
  • Avoid prolonged soaking.
  • Please wash separately to prevent color transfer to other clothes.


Personal clothing once sold is not refundable, please carefully check the clothing scale table before purchase.

Segmented Detachable Multi-wear Cheongsam with Zippers Designed By Red Thorns

$212.00 通常価格