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The clothing is made on order and needs to wait about 7-15 days.

It features a design by Russian designer called "とりにゃん".



  • The outfit is characterized by being bound with belts throughout the whole outfit, which accentuates the figure.
  • Numerous metal accessories for the garment adds a punk aesthetic to the overall look.
  • Each metal belt in the outfit offers the flexibility to bind different waist circumferences.
  • The dress with an open side waist design, enhancing both comfort and style. This thoughtful feature not only allows for a personalized fit but also adds a touch of modern flair to the overall look.


The clothing is estimated to be shipped around mid-June.

It features a design by Russian designer called "とりにゃん".


Clothing Instructions:

  • Regarding cleaning, hand washing is recommended.
  • Avoid prolonged soaking.
  • Please wash separately to prevent color transfer to other clothes.


Personal clothing once sold is not refundable, please carefully check the clothing scale table before purchase.

Red Thorns Binding Wolf Butcher Dress with Glossy Patent Leather Red Thorns

$294.00 通常価格