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"Enigmasks" are made by high-grade platinum silicone, comfortable fit, and breathable, you can wear them for a long time without discomfort.

The "Enigmasks" series, with a variety of unique designs, allows you to express your personality style and beauty.


  • It is suitable for fetishes and people who are afraid of society. It can cover your face and take pictures or travel without fear.
  • Platinum moderate hardness silicon, realistic nose, and lip shape, dreamy and illusory.
  • 3D facial design, cheek shadow modification, it will fit on your face shape, beautiful to wear.
  • Customize makeup in various styles to make sure it will fit different scenes.
  • It is tough and holds the shape of the face very well.

Do you want excitement and fun, or low-key and mystery?
"Enigmasks" is your choice.


There are many style are now available:


  • The Beauty Of Minimalist: Natural
  • The Beauty Of Bondage: Ribbon Series
  • The Beauty Of Bondage: Nebula Chains
  • The Beauty Of Glitter: Illusionary Butterfly
  • The Beauty Of Glitter: Gem Series


See the gallery for comparison photos.

Check dimensions carefully for fit before ordering.



“The pain is silent, bondage can't swathe your heart.”

The Beauty Of Bondage: Ribbon Series

  • The lips are artistically tied by red, white, and black ribbons, and the unique damage color of the leather buckle allows you to switch freely between sexy and mysterious.
  • Lip abstinence: Ribbons bind restrictions and seal physical and mental desires.
  • Unique leather buckle: The leather buckle falsely passes through the mask, creating a unique beauty of piercing the skin into the flesh.
  • Exquisite craftsmanship: Handcrafted by artisans with symmetrical aesthetic bows.
  • Inspire Mystery: Bondage inspires curiosity and explores unknown territories.


Three styles are available:Red Bondage, Black Bondage, Transparent White Bondage.



Package includes:

Mask X1, Back strap X1, Face support kits


Brand Introduction:
A new hand-made half-face mask jointly created by the DMS team and AI artificial intelligence. Based on the imagination of future humans, with AI intelligence, we have completed the base-level planning of the whole series of products and the high-level concept definition of the brand.
The ”EnigMasks", was created by DMS's original design. She is not only a product and a new fashion experience, but also a new fashion experience.