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Features a self-supporting chest design with the same fabric, eliminating the need for shoulder straps. The transition between semi-transparency and textured fabric. The straps and hip belts are suitable for all body types.The combination of black leather and transparent PVC material,


The combination of black leather and transparent PVC material reveals the sexy position of the chest more clearly, shining brightly. Innovative bunny girl design makes you even sexier!


Resembles an Ida bag, with optional internal fabrics allowing it to transform into different styles. In addition to the main body, Two types of snake / leopard print for the inner fabric are sold separately.


1. Detachable parts of the clothing include: upper chest, front chest, sleeves, lower portion. The zipper at the hip can be adjusted for height.

2. The main fabric is elastic glossy leather, with embroidery made of polyester-cotton blend (non-elastic).

3. The elasticity of the all-black style is greater than that of the red-black style.

4. There is a waist-cinching design at the back, providing a waist-shaping effect.


Clothing Instructions:

  • Regarding cleaning, hand washing is recommended.
  • Avoid prolonged soaking.
  • Please wash separately to prevent color transfer to other clothes.


Personal clothing once sold is not refundable, please carefully check the clothing scale table before purchase.

Push-up bra Translucent Vinyl Bunny Ita Costume 2.0 Designed By Red Thorns

$231.00 通常価格