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The Ching04 mask also fits better for customers who don't have a feminine face shape.

The mask features ultra-realistic texture and a light pre-applied, high-quality makeup. More comfortable, softer, and skin-friendly.



Q04 Normal Version: It looks like a pure desire girl, want you to kiss her right now.

Q04M Make-up Version: Want a beautiful and complete look without spending too much time? Choose the make-up version.

Q04 Goddess Special Make-up Version: This mask is like a pure girl turning into a queen Cleopatra. Dark black and amber eye shadows express the elegant and noble charm that will make you unconsciously obey the queen's orders.

Q04-G2 Sugar Girl Special Make-up Version:The brand-new makeup makes Q04 change from a pure desire girl to a forest girl.A light pink make-up looks natural and comfortable. The blue eyes are like the stars and the ocean, which complement each other with fresh earth-colored eye shadows, creating a purely, natural and sweet image of the forest girl. She is a clear stream in the fashion industry, without a trace of vulgarity.


Three sizes are now available.

See the gallery for comparison photos.

Check dimensions carefully for fit before ordering. (eye holes distance, etc)



Simple and fast to wear, for a quick transformation without needing any adhesive.

Pictures are for documentation purposes.

Each mask is handmade by our craftsmen: little differences in coloring or eyebrows are possible and make your product unique.

Q04G2 Ching04 Sugar Girl Special Make-up Mask Series

417,00$ Prix original
375,30$Prix promotionnel