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*CAUTION: This product page is for (Men's Standard Sizes). For other gender or size options, please see other RubberBunny products.


[Standard Size Craftsmanship Description]:

This standard size product includes:

Body part + 3cm neck + arms + legs + crotch zipper + back zipper

*custom services for other options.


  • Improved tailoring methods based on existing latex suit cutting techniques.
  • Tailored specifically for male and female body types, incorporating many special features.
  • Enhances appearance and provides a more comfortable wearing experience.


Unique Design for Men's Custom Fit:

Air-Space Sexy Pouch:

  • Over 5 years of brand history and feedback from 2000 real consumers show that the pouch is key to comfort.
  • Based on statistical data, the pouch needs to vary in size to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • This creates a unique space exclusively for men.


Segmented Comfort Seamless Side Wings Technique:

  • The exterior is seamless, making "seamless" close-fitting latex clothing a reality.
  • The special feature of the seamless technique greatly enhances the comfort of latex, allowing you to experience the seamless pleasure effortlessly from the outside in.


Product Information:

Brand: RubberBunny

Material: Imported Natural Latex

Thickness: 0.4mm

Colors: Multiple Colors Available

Styles: Unique Design for Men / Women / Standard Sizes

Standard Sizes: XS-XXL


Model Information:

Height: 174cm

Weight: 64kg

Size Tried: L Size


Dimension Measurement

  • Please double check whether the data in the size chart matches your body.
  • The listed size tables should serve only as a reference and can help you determine the correct size of a fitting latex garment. All sizes are in cm!
  • As an information and for calculation purposes for our clients who prefer other measure units: 1 inch = 2.54 cm.



  • This product is a Standard Sizes product, If there are no quality issues, we are not allowed any return or refund.
  • Please make sure to give us a correct email address otherwise we will not ship out your latex and also not accept the refund.
  • Goods include latex only, not other props in the picture.
  • Any questions please contact:


The delivery time for our latex products depends on whether the goods ordered are custom-made (the delivery time is 2 to 12 weeks, depending on the order), or whether the item is in stock (delivery follows immediately after receipt of payment). 

Basic Latex suit [Men's Standard Sizes] Black 0.4mm

350,00$ Prix original
315,00$Prix promotionnel
Latex Color: Black(0.40mm)